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Saturday, 30 April 2016

How Bulk SMS Service is effective way for your Business Marketing and Advertising?

If you want to save time and money for your business Marketing or Advertising and reach you’re prospective or existing customers through mobile marketing?

Today, India is the second-most populous country in World, and 1 billion Mobile Phone users as per data released recently by the country’s telecom regulator. Think about 1 billion people used mobile phone in India. If you used Bulk SMS services for promote business products and services to reach your new or existing customers, than Bulk SMS Services is best way!

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS:-

Bulk SMS meaning, Short Messages Service (SMS) Send Multiple SMS through Online web based software. Bulk SMS Provider provides web based software to send Bulk SMS. This Software is known as “SMS Gateway”.  Short Messages Service (SMS) standard length is 160 Characters.

Two types of Bulk SMS:-
  1. Promotional SMS:- This Bulk SMS Service is used for Business Advertising, marketing or branding and attract new customers through Bulk SMS Marketing.
  2. Transactional SMS:-This Bulk SMS Service is used sending essential information to existing customers.
Bulk SMS Services or Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Services is finest way for inexperienced entrepreneurs who are unsure to make large investment in the marketing arena. Bulk SMS Marketing is known as mobile marketing, effective marketing tools in India because of 1 billion people used mobile phone in India.
Bulk SMS Services Ahmedabad

If you don’t provide sufficient time to focus on your core business, than you can help from genuine or reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider and you can used web based SMS Software for business marketing.

Easy to Use:-

If you use mobile or send SMS than don’t hesitate, no need to any qualification or experience for use of bulk SMS software. You can follow step by step method like; 1. Enter mobile number of the customer 2. Enter the text message which you need to convey to the customers 3. Last is Click Send Button
Send on Time Schedule:-

If you have no time than you can set proper timing schedule to send SMS
Higher Response Rate:-

Get higher response rate than other method of marketing. SMS are delivered straight to the consumers within a few minutes, it generate direct traffic and increase your business productivity. And you will get a clear idea about your marketing campaign.

This is SMS marketing strategy to reach out to the targeted consumers at their suitable time in that way having a positive impact.

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